Have a VISA gift card that you received for Christmas or maybe as a gift?  Want to be able to move the full or remaining balance to your Amazon account so you can easily use it online?  

This at first seems like a straight forward process of just adding your gift card and checking out.  This is not the case. You will want to purchase something that is more expensive than your gift card. Like all of us you end up with just a few dollars left on those gift cards and not sure what to do with it.

This is why I found this tech tip to be incredible helpful. It allows you to add those small balances or the entire card to your amazon gift card balance.  Once you have transferred over that amount you can simply use whatever the amazon gift card balance is towards your purchases.  

This is important because you cannot use multiple forms of payments on Amazon. However you can include your active amazon gift card balance.

In the steps or video below, I will show you how to move the money from your VISA debit gift card, or any other gift card with a cash value not store cards, over to your Amazon account gift card balance so you can use with whenever you need to.  This is a really effective way to use those cards to shop on Amazon.

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How to add visa gift card to Amazon?

  1. Go to your amazon gift cards to reload your balance https://www.amazon.com/gc/balance
  2. Then click on “Reload Your Balance”.  If you are not setup with an Amazon online gift card follow any steps to get that setup
  3. Once you click to reload the balance you’ll be taken to an Amazon Reload screen. Select an amount like $25 or $50 if you have the card with that exact amount. You can enter any amount under “Other” to enter the amount remaining on your gift card.  If you don’t know how much is left on your gift card, follow the directions on the back of the gift card to check.
  4. Click to buy now and change your payment method on check out to be the VISA gift card you have. Enter the details as normal.  For Name on card, enter whatever is shown on the front of the gift card.  Once done add the card and use it to finish your checkout!
  5. It may take several minutes for the purchase to go through, you should receive an email once it has gone through
  6. Confirm that your amazon gift card balance reflects the funds you have added.  You can go back now and remove the VISA gift card from your account and discard if no longer needed.
  7. If you have issues with these steps you may need to reach out to Amazon customer support. Feel free to watch my video above to walk through the process and check out the comments.
    How to move your VISA Gift Card Balance to Amazon